The Living Pain Free Method

Understand • Overcome • Pursue

Stop feeling damned by your diagnosis, learn how to heal and get back to living

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The Method is comprised of 3 “Phases”

Phase 1. Understand: A detailed evaluation process that reveals the hidden sources of your pain & how to get back to feeling like yourself again.

Phase 2. Overcome: Get your personalized pain-free plan. Execute the plan with Dr. Vince in-person, via video or share it with Dr. Vince’s handpicked experts in your area.

Phase 3. Pursue: Experience the thrill of living pain free. Take back your health, happiness, & livelihood, & find out how to prevent pain from ever coming back again.

Client Testimonials

"Vince transformed me from a depressed, broken athlete to competing at an elite level in months. With his experience and education, he detected the source of my injury after I experienced 20 years of frustration with doctors and physical therapists. He cares, listens, communicates, reassures and confidently gets results. His knowledge of how the muscles, tendons and nerves intermingle is superior. Anyone serious about living pain free without surgery and drugs should contact Vince for an honest, trustworthy and results based diagnosis and rehab plan"

Scott Fish (55 yr old Triathlete)

"So far, I have been gaining muscle strength in the surrounding areas, that make the shoulder function resulting in  better posture, while trying to live a pain free life"

Shawn Haka

"In one session, Dr. Catteruccia literally took my husband out of severe neurological arm pain due to a bulging cervical disc. I knew Dr. Vince’s knowledge was high and unique"

Cher Eval

Vince has helped hundreds of our now mutual clients - Vince’s approach is like Renaissance sculpture - literally - you can see the body respond to his work in 1080P color graphics

Dan Minnich

Put an End to Pain Once & For All...

Discover the proven solution to chronic pain without pills, bills & procedures

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The Living Pain Free Solution




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The Living Pain Free Solution