The Living Pain Free Method

Understand • Overcome • Pursue

Stop feeling damned by your diagnosis, learn how to heal and get back to living

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The Method is comprised of 3 “Phases”

Phase 1. Understand: A detailed evaluation process that reveals the hidden sources of your pain & how to get back to feeling like yourself again.

Phase 2. Overcome: Get your personalized pain-free plan. Execute the plan with Dr. Vince in-person, via video or share it with Dr. Vince’s handpicked experts in your area.

Phase 3. Pursue: Experience the thrill of living pain free. Take back your health, happiness, & livelihood, & find out how to prevent pain from ever coming back again.

Client Testimonials

"So far, I have been gaining muscle strength in the surrounding areas, that make the shoulder function resulting in  better posture, while trying to live a pain free life"

Shawn Haka

"In one session, Dr. Catteruccia literally took my husband out of severe neurological arm pain due to a bulging cervical disc. I knew Dr. Vince’s knowledge was high and unique"

Cher Eval

Vince has helped hundreds of our now mutual clients - Vince’s approach is like Renaissance sculpture - literally - you can see the body respond to his work in 1080P color graphics

Dan Minnich

Put an End to Pain Once & For All...

Discover the proven solution to chronic pain without pills, bills & procedures

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The Living Pain Free Solution


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The Living Pain Free Solution